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Michelle Michelle can honestly say she loves the city. For eight years prior to her departure, she devoted most of her free time to an inner-city ministry for children that she helped build from scratch. She was honored to work and serve these children, but she needed a break from the hard work of her efforts. She started her travels partially to rekindle her vision of helping the poor and underprivileged.

Michelle's other passion is art - drawing and painting. She works professionally as a graphic and web designer and yearned for inspiration from exotic sites, sounds, colors and landscapes. So she also took this trip as part an artistic adventure.

Escaping the commute and the computer screen that has monopolized her life, she planned on spending her days reading, writing, meditating, exploring, painting and meeting interesting people. All in all, this trip was about becoming a more complete person, hoping to see refreshment come to every area of her life.


Tim As a DC native, Tim grew weary watching Washingtonians drive six-ton sport utility vehicles across the parking lot to Starbucks every weekend in search of the perfect fresh-brewed organic half-caff skim venti latte macchiato with a dainty topping of whipped cream. And although he could have conveniently stopped by Starbucks to reminisce in Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and the United Kingdom, he was hoping to find a place in the world that doesn't remind him of home.

Tim has enjoyed a 14-year career in multimedia and web site programming. He spends his time learning, reading, and tinkering. His right brain endeavors include travel, photography, and lounging on the beach. He took this year off to enjoy life, meet new people, challenge himself, enlarge his photography portfolio, and worry his parents.